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How do courts treat child support for military divorce?

33822199_S.jpgThe amount of special rules or provisions that exist for military divorce are incredibly innumerable, and this is why it is highly recommended that individuals going through a military divorce consult with an attorney. Legal assistance can help you understand the multifaceted issues at play in a military divorce, which can be crucial to receiving a divorce agreement that is fair to you and your circumstances as a military service member.

What are Missouri's adoption laws?

16972215_S.jpgThere are many reasons that an individual or a couple may wish to adopt a child: some same-sex couples who cannot conceive together choose to adopt in order to expand their families and some people simply want to provide a better life for children who have no caregiving relationships with their parents. Regardless of the reasons, those who wish to adopt are encouraged to do so, but armed with the necessary knowledge.

Unwed couples should get legal assistance when dividing property

Thumbnail image for 21144197_S.jpgDisputes over property are not only experienced by married couples. There are many people who have found themselves in a domestic relationship where both parties have shared property with one another, but come time for separation, they cannot agree on who gets what. In some cases, this can be easily resolved, but in others, this dispute may result in couples going to court and letting a judge decide what each person will walk away with.

The benefits of a legal separation

12621752_S.jpgIn some states, couples are required to be legally separated for an allotted time period before they can file for divorce. This is not the case in Missouri, however, couples do face a separation requirement after they actually file for divorce; this requirement is a 30-day period in which couples must live apart before divorce proceedings get underway. It is worth noting that just because couples are not required to legally separate before filing for divorce, they may wish to enter into legal separation for other reasons.

Woman who allegedly ran over her boyfriend set to face trial

20612432_S.jpgWhen most people think of domestic violence, they imagine the man as the aggressor, with the woman being physically or emotionally traumatized by a cruel significant other. While this is certainly the case in some instances, it is important to remember that anyone can be the victim of domestic abuse, and women can certainly cause serious injuries if they want to, especially if they have a weapon of some kind, such as a bus.

Some Missouri counties struggle with same sex marriage

272775_S.jpgThanks to a landmark decision by the Supreme Court, same-sex couples can now legally be married in every state in the country. This means there is an entirely new demographic of people who will need legal assistance with family law matters, such as prenuptial agreements, adoption or even divorce. The ability to marry comes with many other issues that same-sex couples will need to address. Of course, there are some counties in which that is still not the primary concern of same-sex couples.

There are more than 100 counties in the state of Missouri, and as of last weekend, 30 of them were still not issuing marriage licenses. According to a statement by our state's Recorder of Deeds Association, these counties must begin issuing the licenses within 25 days of the Supreme Court ruling. 

Understanding the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act

9583237_S.jpgDivorce is an extremely complex legal matter, and when one spouse is in the military, it becomes even more complex. This is not only because of the nature of military life, such as constant relocation or deployment, but also because of specific laws and regulations that effect the nature of divorce across the country and in specific states like Missouri. Each of these laws affect a divorce in a specific way, and understanding them can be crucial to you divorce case.

Do I have to have a reason to divorce my spouse?

17540421_S.jpgAs with many aspects of family law, each state treats particular issues differently. When it comes to divorce, Missouri is a no-fault state, which means that divorces are often granted even if neither spouse is determined to be at fault of any marital offense such as adultery or abandonment/negligence. Additionally, there is no separation requirement couples must meet before filing for divorce. However, there are always multiple circumstances that could affect any given case, and divorce is no different.

Explaining asset division for unmarried couples

19926312_S.jpgIt is one of the most dreadful things about any kind of separation in which couples lived together, whether the separation is divorce or simply breaking up: asset division. There are some couples who attempt to resolve their disputes and stay in a relationship simply because they do not want to have to deal with the hassles of splitting and potentially losing some of their assets. This is inadvisable, because an unhealthy relationship benefits nobody, and assets can be handled legally.

Nearly half of domestic violence cases are unassisted

31829326_S.jpgWe often talk about how serious Missouri treats domestic violence, and we recently reported on a state congressman who is taking steps to increase resources devoted to reducing domestic violence and assisting victims. New statistics indicate that this help cannot come quickly enough, as many shelters are struggling to provide the necessary assistance for domestic violence victims. Whether it is employees being released or lack of funding, the fact is that many individuals are unable to receive the help they need.

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