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Congressman hopes to assist domestic violence shelters

25405972_S.jpgDomestic violence continues to be a large issue that too many people suffer from throughout the country. The state of Missouri takes domestic violence very seriously, and even though our state has taken great strides to help victims of domestic violence, there is always more that can be done. In fact, it sometimes seems that as hard as we fight to help domestic violence, there continues to be an increase in domestic violence issues.

Missouri baby potentially beaten to death by her mother

19611769_S.jpgBy far one of the most important and meaningful areas of family law is defense and protection from domestic violence. National awareness of domestic violence has been rising, but Missouri law has always treated domestic abuse very seriously. When most people think of domestic abuse, they think of a man beating his wife or girlfriend in a drunken rage, but we know that this is not always the case. Anyone in any household can be a victim of domestic violence, sadly, even infants.

Assistance for domestic violence victims in Missouri

12686499_S.jpgDomestic violence is a tragic issue that affects thousands of American citizens, and while women are usually considered the victims, men and children can be victims of domestic abuse as well. Domestic violence does not discriminate, and it can be one of the most traumatic experiences for a person to suffer. Home should be the one place that you can shrug off your cares and relax, but if you live with an abuser, you may be hard pressed to find peace of mind at any point in your life.

What options do domestic violence victims have in Missouri?

31829326_S.jpgIn Missouri, we pride ourselves on how serious domestic violence and domestic abuse are treated. Domestic violence claims are taken very seriously, and law enforcers are usually very quick to intervene if they even suspect that someone might be suffering from domestic abuse. This is important because oftentimes such victims are either too frightened to come forward or they are unable to come forward because their abuser exerts too much control. Some abusers do not even let their victims leave the house.

Missouri law cracks down on domestic violence

21924131_S.jpgDomestic abuse is a serious matter that could be affecting someone you know, even if they don't show any signs. Victims of domestic violence are sometimes led to believe that nobody will help them, or they are controlled through fear, believing that even if they inform the authorities, it will just make their abuser even angrier. There have been concerted efforts by Missouri law and law enforcers to curb these instances, but raising awareness about domestic abuse is never a bad thing.

Domestic violence runs rampant in Audrain County

10287704_S.jpgMissouri residents may be surprised to learn that the statewide average of domestic violence according to statistics released for 2012 from the Highway Patrol indicates that for every 100,000 residents, there are 686 domestic violence incidents. That may seem like a low number at first glance, but victims of domestic violence know that even one victim in 100,000 is too many. It is a fear that nobody should have to suffer, the fear of being at home with your spouse or significant other.

Domestic violence victims can find security from Missouri law

Thumbnail image for 23473967_S.jpgDomestic violence is one of the most horrific and terrifying issues that can arise in a relationship. It can undermine the fundamental feeling of safety and security in an individual's life. Victims of domestic violence don't feel safe in their own homes, and if there are children in the relationship, the violence can extend to the children as well. As frightening as domestic violence is, victims must find the courage to stop it before it is too late.

Study highlights lack of support for domestic abuse victims

21924128_S.jpgSuffering from any form of violence or abuse is difficult to bear and can cause lasting physical and emotional damage. Sadly, many people experience abuse at the hands of people they know and care for, even within their own homes. In Missouri and throughout the United States, the number of victims of domestic violence seeking assistance each day is alarming. Even more concerning is the lack of resources available to help victims.

Missouri professor helps fight domestic violence with app

25917421_S.jpgAny violent encounter can be distressing and traumatic. Sometimes, however, this violence can come from within a person's own home or from the people closest to them. It can be difficult to recognize or admit to the signs of domestic violence and even harder to break away from it. In an attempt to combat this, a nursing professor from the University of Missouri has joined a team of researchers working on an app to help people in violent relationships.

Domestic violence laws in Missouri could strengthen

Thumbnail image for 14755097_S.jpgDomestic violence is a horrible thing to suffer through. In today's tough society, everyone should have at least one place where they can feel safe and secure, and that place for most people would be their home. However, some people are at even more danger in their homes than out in the world. For some people who are subjected to domestic violence, their home becomes a prison from which there is seemingly no escape.

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